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A brand new program with strategies and coaching to bust those limiting beliefs, so you can rebrand your midlife, be who you truly want to be AND turn midlife into your superpower

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If you could 'rebrand' your midlife what would that look like? 


Who would you become? 


What would it enable you to do?

I'm putting a different spin on midlife - rebranding it to be something positive, empowering, liberating! 

As part of my own evolution - my own rebranding, I'm encompassing everything I have learned, everything I have taught myself over the last decade to develop my confidence, self belief and badassness to enable you to do the same. 

I'll empower you to become your own version of badass:

Confidence in yourself

Confidence in your beliefs

Confidence in goals

Confidence to make brave decisions

Confidence to take bold actions

Confidence to have your voice heard

In essence, you'll be rebranding YOURSELF!

Creating your 'personal brand'. 

And yes, you DO have a personal brand - we all do! 

Whether you want to raise awareness, contribute to a cause or grow a business, your badass brand is the real key to success online. 

If you have a passion for helping others and want to confidently do so with more authenticity - more YOU. 

I'll help you use your voice to share your own unique story, experiences and knowledge to attract and grow your audience, elevate your visibility and ultimately create a recognisable badass brand. 

And I'll be breaking all those limiting beliefs as we go! 

Equipping you with simple strategies so you can 'rebrand your midlife', be who you truly want to be AND turn midlife into your superpower! 

Your Badass Personal Brand!

I'm running the first round of the program as a BETA TEST. 


YOU'll have the opportunity to help fine tune the program with the things you REALLY want and need. 

What you'll get


12 Weekly LIVE group sessions which include my hybrid style of training, mentoring and coaching


Access to a private WhatsApp chat so you can connect with the other cohort members

Pink Shoe Boxes


A FREE brand audit and 2 separate 1:1 30 minute 'breakthrough' sessions with me 


Lifetime access to the recordings and materials

Outdoor Portrait

What you'll learn

We'll go deep into


Your 'why'


Niche & USP


Vision & Values




Your 'story'


Content & Strategy


Your Authentic Voice


Clarifying Your Offer

Each session will include:

a short presentation with my guidance on the current topic

a q&a session based on the current topic

a live coaching session with 1 or 2 participants (time dependant)

at the end of the 12 weeks, you will be invited to complete a questionnaire which will help me more fully understand the areas of the program that have worked, what wasn't so good and if there was anything that I completely missed!

- Exclusive Opportunity -

Get 95% Off!

The full price will be £2,999

but it's yours for just


Only 15 places available!

this is the best opportunity to have full access to the program before it is released to the public but this offer is only available for 48 hours.


why am I selling it at such a low cost?

I know, i must be bonkers but really, it's my thank you to you for testing the program and providing me with invaluable insight and feedback.

Previous media & branding clients...

Screenshot 2024-05-10 190310.png

Social media! It's an ongoing uphill battle for me.


With all my reservations, I do however, recognise the power of mastering social media.


Determined to overcome these obstacles, I researched and discovered Debs and found her exceptional course M-Powerment.


As a yoga teacher accustomed to holding space, I typically shy away from evening activities due to fatigue from long teaching days. However, this course was so inspiring and uplifting, a pleasant surprise to which I looked forward to each week.


Its content was precisely what I needed to kickstart my engagement on Instagram. From understanding my ideal audience to conquering my fears and even finding some enjoyment in the posting process, the quality of my posts has significantly improved, leading to a notable increase in followers.


While it's a continued journey, I now possess a diverse toolkit to maintain freshness and relevance.


Debs is a star; she's relatable, knowledgeable, making the learning experience FUN!

sue yen wan - menopause yoga teacher's trainer


I'm ready to start my REBRAND journey, sign me up!

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