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Have your best sleep EVER - despite menopause!

The Meno-Sleep Journal | Science-led solutions

Symptoms keeping you awake?


Night sweats, restless legs, anxiety perhaps?


Disrupted sleep?

Waking up during the night? You'll find suggestions to

help avoid this.

Can't get back to sleep?


We've got you covered here too with ideas for how best to switch off again.


Feel groggy in the morning?

Once you solve the other main issues, this should no longer be one!


Written by Debs Daitani, Menopause Coach and CEO of Debs Daitani Ltd

despite decades of struggling with poor sleep, which only got worse during menopause, Debs now regularly has 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep every night and she can help you achieve your best sleep too.

The journal includes...

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And already receiving rave reviews! Here are just a few...

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