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A free masterclass, the Meno-Sleep Journal as well as a membership full of comprehensive sleep training, guidance and coaching to help improve your sleep in menopause.


the meno-sleep zone

meno-sleep zone



The FREE 3-day program sharing my top 3 'sleep secrets' and how they can help improve your sleep.

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Designed to be used over a 6-week period, the journal contains everything you need for real results. 

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A self paced online membership to put poor sleep to bed once and for all! Keep scrolling for more info or click the button to join

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improve your sleep during menopause, using simple techniques that actually work!


Perfect for midlife women who have 'tried everything' and don't want to resort to sleep medication

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Menopause can affect your sleep in many ways...

  • You can't switch off at bedtime

  • You wake up through the night

  • You can't get back to sleep

  • You're awake again too early

Imagine being able to improve your sleep so much, you can:

  • Fall asleep in minutes

  • Stay asleep all night

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and restored

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Hi, I’m debs - aka meno debs!

I had these exact same issues when I first hit perimenopause, I tried grabbing 'early nights', used herbal remedies, changed my bedroom and had several pillow sprays!


After years of struggling I finally understood that, whilst these 'sleep aids' are lovely, they cannot solve the root cause of your poor sleep.


Now I want to help you understand this too and finally get the quality of sleep you need.

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