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Do you have a brand?

What a fabulous way to spend the afternoon!

Yesterday I was unlocking the gateway to personal branding!

I'm embarking on a journey with the wonderful Katie who is embracing her story, her power - so that she can empower others!

Katie has a very clear mission but she has asked me for some help to 'package up' her unique gifts so she can better share them with those who need them.

I am so delighted to be involved with this project.

We started with Katie's 'why', moving onto her goals and then starting to dig a bit further into the values that drive Katie forward.

These will become the foundations for Katie's personal brand - what she stands for, what she brings to her life and what she will become known for.

Your personal brand is in essence - the very essence of you!

And it is the one thing that can truly elevate your online presence and following.


This is what Katie has said so far...

'Thank you for the most interesting and uplifting session! I am even loving the homework! Forget unlocking the gateway - you have thrown the gate wide open!'

Katie has kindly agreed to document her entire journey so I'll be sharing much more over the coming weeks.

If you're intrigued, come have a chat and I can explain more about how it works 😁

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