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Fit by 50 - 203 days to go!

Where on earth has half of the year gone?

It just seems like a few weeks ago that it was Christmas!

Which also means I'm almost half-way through my Fit by 50 challenge!

And I have to say, the first 4 months were a massive struggle!

Between mindset and illness, hardly anything changed. I did manage to shift some weight after doing a 3 week juice cleanse.

But the fitness side remained my nemesis...

Until june arrived!

Prior to then, I had been attempting to add in small, bite size chunks of exercise in a bid to become, if nothing else, consistent in doing SOMETHING each day.

But even that wasn't going to plan.

However, along comes June and with it, a daily squat challenge!

Starting on day 1 with just 5 squats, and adding another 5 each day for the rest of the month.

Now this i can do, I decided!

And I did! I actually COMPLETED a challenge for the first time in forever!

And it felt GOOD!

Building up to 150 squats on the final day, I had already begun to see changes in the shape and tone of my legs.


Then along comes July...

With my motivation running really high, I decided to face a new challenge. One I had tried before and failed...

The One Million Steps Challenge in support of Diabetes UK.

I've started this on 2 previous occasions but both times, falling short of the target.

And usually because I didn't really give it my fullest commitment from the start.

Catching up is all well and good, but not when it means by the end of the challenge, you're faced with trying to cram in around 40,000 steps a day!

Especially if, for the most part, you barely leave the house!

However, this year - new mindset - increased motivation - huge determination!

I will do it!

I'm already off to a pretty decent start. Week one and I'm sitting at just over 60,000 steps. Slightly under target (70,000) but for 3 days of the week I was massively hampered by the inevitable blisters!

But I've invested in some new padded socks and get myself plastered (as in tape lol) before I head out.

Plus, I know I have several events over the next few months which will involve a lot of walking around, so I know I actually will be able to catch up this time.

And the most exciting part of this...

I'm not even looking for excuses not to do it!

This is another level for me. Previously, the blisters alone would have made me stop. And once you stop - it's very difficult to get going again.

And I'm now seeing HUGE changes to my body! My a$$ is shrinking (squats have definitely helped with that too), my thighs are becoming very toned and my overall silhouette is simply slimmer!

There's little movement on the scales but I truly am not bothered about that. For me, it's much more important to be feeling fitter and being stronger.

I'll be sharing some new progress pics at the end of this month so stay tuned!

If you want to join the challenge, it's not too late...

And if you can in any way support me by way of a kind donation, it will be very gratefully received here...

Let me know if you join in - we can cheer each other along!

Love, Debs x

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