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Fit by 50 - 263 days to go...

OK I'm officially impressed with myself!

4 weeks ago, I embarked on a huge commitment to better nutrition and movement.

Because I've been totally stuck for the last few years.

Weight fluctuating between 13-14 stone but never dropping below 13.

Clothes never fitting because I refuse to buy bigger sizes 🙈

No energy.

Plenty inner confidence but little for the outside.

And the knowledge that now I'm in midlife, it really is time to put my health first.


I decided to follow a Jason Vale juice plan for 21 days.

This might sound extreme to you but, I absolutely love juicing - the flavours and the sheer amount of raw nutrients in particular.

There are a few misconceptions about juicing.

The main one being that you are depriving your body but in fact, it's actually the opposite.

Your stomach is basically an internal juicer, keeping all the stuff you need and getting rid of the rest.

So when juicing, you're actually giving your body everything it needs and making the process easier internally because there's very little left for the stomach to actually 'sort'.

Therefore you are literally filling yourself with pure nutrition - minimal waste.

Another is that surely you'll just be hungry all the time?


I've barely felt hungry in the entire month!

What's really happening is your brain is missing the chewing action of eating solid food and tricks you into thinking you need to 'eat'.

But juicing IS eating and as the only thing you're leaving out is the stuff you don't even need - true hunger just isn't an issue.

All that said, as I've had a few spells of being unwell during this time, there have been a few days I misbehaved a little.

And I'm owning that, because I did what my body needed at those times - no guilt here.

I simply got back on track ASAP.

I've NEVER stayed this committed before and this is why I'm so chuffed with myself.


Wanna hear my results?

Week 1

This was monumental!

5lbs down and 2.5 inches gone.

As is normal on any new nutrition plan, the majority of what you lose in the beginning is water.

However - seeing the scale move for the first time in years gave me huge motivation to keep going.

Week 2

Fair to middling!

I did lose another 3lbs that week but no more inches.

I could sense the plateau happening but as I've 'been here before', I knew to expect it and not to be disappointed with the slower results.

Week 3

This one was tricky...

I was really ill this week and actually didn't eat much of anything for a few days.

But then I was on a business trip 🙈

Travelling is one of my weaknesses, snacks for the journey, eating out at night.

So there were a few things I technically shouldn't have had but instead of ordering takeaway, I at least went shopping and bought healthy things to chew!

There was a small amount of alcohol too this week and that cheeky portion of fish and chips but despite all that - I maintained the previous losses.

Week 4

I shifted to a combo plan with a mix of juicing and very healthy, nutrition rich evening meals.

And I absolutely LOVED it!

Some days I didn't even have a juice as I simply wasn't hungry.

I've really enjoyed having so much fresh food and cooking new recipes - giving them a 'Debs twist'.

And I've loved sharing it all with you.

Overall, the first week was the boost I needed. Weeks two and three were definitely trickier but my motivation helped me at least make better choices when I fell off the wagon.

And week four has been an absolute breeze!


Moving forward, I'm aiming to keep mixing things up.

For example, today I'm juicing only and may do another full juice day later in the week with healthy meals in between.

And if things stick at a later date, I'll shove in another full juice week. If I can do three weeks (well 18 days, but close) I can do one no problem.


And onto the movement...

This started with great gusto but my ill moments have been filled with quite a lot of pain so that definitely hampered my progress.

But I start again in earnest this week, determined to keep that going to as, for the first time in a LONG time, I've been enjoying it!

So let's have a drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁

I stand here today at.....

12st 10lbs!
9lbs gone!
My body fat has come down from almost 40% to 35%.
And I've lost a total of 7.5 inches!


Motivation is high, determination is higher and my commitment continues!

I don't think the pics really reflect the difference tbh but I still wanted to be fully transparent with you and show them anyway.

So here I go, into month 2 and can't wait to see what's changed by June!

Follow me on Insta for more pics, recipe ideas and the next stage of my transformation.

Love, Debs x

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