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Fit by 50 - 399 days to go...

Just finished a fab session with Ania

We switched things up a notch today, tried some new movements.

And boy do I feel my body now!

As it was the 'tutorial' session, we only did one circuit but I feel like I've done 5 😂

Ania asked if I'd been able to do my workouts via the app since our last live session.

I fessed up that I'd only been able to do one as it's been a really hectic and tiring week.

I find it difficult to make time to stop working and go workout instead.

But the truth is, there's ALWAYS time.

What I'm actually finding difficult is the mindset switch.

Making exercise a priority.

This has always been my struggle.

I love BEING fit, BEING toned and working out.

But for some reason my head always makes me prioritise other things...

The house needs tidying...

That book needs to be read...

The website needs updating...

Etc, etc, etc.

And absolutely all of those things DO need to be done. They are definitely priorities.

But I need to get to the point where exercise is MORE of a priority.

I need to assess my day better.

Understand on an even deeper level how my body feels on a given day.

If it feels good - then workout must happen.

When it doesn't feel so good, those are the days I make time for the other priorities.

At the end of the day, having the ability to move my body, energise it and make it stronger is actually a PRIVILEGE.

In fact, exercise needs to be seen as a gift.

A welcome opportunity.

And to make the most of every one of those opportunities.

To make my life better, live longer and truly be the best version of me.

So I vow to make a bigger allowance of time to my fitness journey.

Endeavour to make it something I'm consciously aware of every day.

And every day that I CAN, I will workout!

I'm curious to know if exercise is or has been your nemesis?

What are you doing, or what have you done to push through - to get it done?

I intend to start visualising myself as a fit, toned 50 year old - in the best shape I've ever been.

It's definitely a challenge, it's a process you have to be dedicated to but what can possibly be more important than health?

Love Debs x

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