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Fit by 50 - 417 days to go

For me - the biggest challenge surrounding fitness is actually NOT the working out!

Believe it or not, I LOVE working out.

What I don't love are the mental struggles which hinder me from actually getting to that point!

Once I'm at the gym, in a class or doing exercise at home - I really bloody enjoy it!

Which makes it all the more frustrating that I don't do it!

Why the hell is that?

It simply doesn't make sense.

And my brain likes to make sense of things - always.

I have a naturally inquisitive, logical mind.

So if something is a mystery to me, I can never fully get on board with it, learn it or take action on it.

Take my driving lessons for example...

I absolutely hated learning to drive!

Whilst I had a good instructor who taught me all the correct things to do, what he didn't do was explain WHY certain things needed to be done.

It's like saying to get from A to Z, just go and don't worry about the 24 letters in between.

That is definitely not going to work for me 😂

I totally love driving now but thinking back to the dread that preceded my lessons, and the full body sweats that consumed me during them, I can't help but think it could have been avoided if things had made more sense to me - been explained better.

So getting back to my fitness mission... Over and above the physical commitment I've made, I'm committing to digging deep into the mental and emotional side.

To make sense of whatever it is that's holding me back.

And today I had my first session of timeline therapy with Ania.

This should help me understand my own mind better, find those blocks and smash right through them.

I'm hoping this will elevate my desire to get fit and give me not only the motivation to keep going but also the consistency to turn up each and every time - no excuses!

Today brought up a lot of emotion but it also was a great lesson in acceptance and forgiveness.

If you struggle to stay consistent, perhaps you also need to do the inner work.

It might not be coaching or timeline therapy but there will absolutely be something out there to help you smash your own blocks.

Maybe you already smashed them?

If you have, I'd love to know what worked for you.

See you tomorrow after my next workout session.

Love Debs x

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