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Fit by 50... 418 days to go


Or rather... unwell!

Feeling rather frustrated today as this lurgy has scuppered my training somewhat.

It's left me breathless and lightheaded so it's been absolutely essential not to workout.

But I'm feeling like a bit of a failure tbh.

Should I have pushed through?

Should I have ignored my body?

It's a difficult one because I do truly believe in listening to your body and it's needs in that moment.

However, I'm struggling with the thoughts that I've let my trainer down and let myself down.

How do you work through these internal monologues?

I'm still feeling pretty naff today but I'm feeling more determined to go ahead with my next session which is booked in for tomorrow.

I've decided no matter what, I'm going to at least show up.

If I can't do the full session, or can only manage a moderated version then so be it.

I am NOT going to let this bug put an end to my mission before it's even begun!

Giving myself some empowering self-talk today, I refuse to let the negativity linger!

What's your self-talk like?

Are you constantly beating yourself up?

Putting yourself down?

Ignoring the signs your body gives you?

I encourage you to pay attention to the words you use...

Would you say those same words to a good friend in a similar situation?

If the answer is no - stop saying them to yourself!

I'm not saying automatically stop using those pesky negative words and phrases but you CAN learn to spot them and IMMEDIATELY turn the language around.

Flip it.

Make it a moment of clarity and use it as a positive learning experience!

This is not psycho-babble, it's self connection, it's awareness, it's consciousness.

It's empowering!

So now tell me - which words are you using today?

Above all else - be kind to yourself.

Love Debs 💗

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