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Fit by 50 - 423 days to go...

Still snotty!

Today is the first of my coaching sessions with Ania.

As I'm a coach myself, I had a rough idea what to expect but everyone has a different style so I was definitely intrigued.

No physical training today which is just as well because I'm writing this from my bed!

I joined the zoom session still in my bed!

But I turned up!

I even had the munchkin keep me company...

Firstly, Ania explained she uses a combination of coaching techniques including NLP and Timeline Therapy.

As this was the intro session, it was mostly q&a, delving into my reasons for working out, how I want to feel, what I want to achieve etc.

A great starting point and I'm excited to be 'coached' instead of me being the coach.

Ania really seemed to 'get me' and even though my answers sometimes didn't come out as I wanted, she still knew what I meant.

Lots of notes were taken and I'm pretty sure we both undersea what my motivation is and what my goals are.

Here's to getting 'deep' in the next coaching... They're once a week in case you're wondering 😉

And yes, I'll be share all of that with you too - my challenges, my breakthroughs, my emotions, warts and all!

Don't forget to check out December's Menopausitivity Magazine (out on the 1st) where I'm sharing more of this journey including progress pics and workout suggestions.

Plus, Ania's details will be there too 💪🏼

Love Debs x

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