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Fit by 50 - day 2


My muscles are talking to me today!

Thankfully they're not shouting at me… just reminding me that they exist!

I actually didn't expect to feel anything today.

Yesterday (day 1) was my first workout with my new trainer Ania.

It was an intro session, to show me each of the individual exercises and for Ania to make sure my form and technique is good.

Whilst I did the full circuit, it was just that - one circuit, at a slowish pace with plenty of rest in between.

Moving forward, I'll be doing 2-3 circuits each time!

I guess these muscle messages I'm getting today are a true reflection of how unfit I've become.

I'm not sore or in pain, Ania promised that's not her style 😉

But I definitely FEEL my body today.

And it feels GOOD!

I forgot how much I love this sensation.

The knowing that comes from having moved your body correctly and effectively.

The awareness of muscles that have been lying dormant for so long.

The anticipation of the return of definition to my shape!

Yes yes, I know it's only day 2 and there are 426 to go until D-day ie my 50th birthday, but I just sense this time I'm sticking to it.

This time I WILL succeed!

Mindset is so important to implement change and mine is rock solid.

I'm loving life, loving what I do to help others and I have a crystal clear plan for my post-menopause future.

Fitness is an enormous part of that.

It really has been my nemesis all of my life.

Struggling to stay consistent and see real results.

Even when I was slimmer, had more energy and more time, I couldn't quite make the transition to workout for a prolonged period of time.

Stop start very much describes how it went!

If I'd been more disciplined pre menopause, there's a good chance I'd have less of an undertaking now in order to reach an acceptable, healthy level.

But I don't like looking back, don't do regrets and I know I've lived the life I wanted to live at the time.

This time, this moment - I want a different life and I'm doing everything in my power to make it happen.

I'm also aiming to write this blog most days, to fully share the journey with you.

You'll feel my emotions, you'll maybe hear me cursing and you'll definitely have some laughs along the way.

I'll also be sharing some of the exercises in the Menopausitivity Magazine, will be doing the occasional live on Insta and progress pics will be shared too.

Please do cheer me on, your support is invaluable.

Share your own fitness journey with me, workout live with me or just give me a 🤘🏻 emoji from time to time!

And if you're looking for your own trainer, do get in touch with Ania - I promise she won't shout at you or make you feel sick!

It's the weekend so it's back to back rest days. I'll be with you on Monday for my first solo workout using the app eeeekkk 💪🏼

Love Debs x

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