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Fit by 50 - the story continues...

Well, the 'by 50' bit didn't turn out as I'd hoped 🤣

But that said, I was still very pleased with myself on the big day.

I may not have hit my targets but I was definitely in a better place, physically, nutritionally and mentally.

So I'm renaming this blog theme 'Fit IN my 50s' as the journey and the story has a long way to go.

For now, I wanted to let you know what I've been up to so far this year.

Check out my progress...⬇️

Before is on the top, today is on the bottom.

These pics are about 6 weeks apart.

But in all honesty, very little has changed until THIS week!

And whilst you may not see a huge difference in them at the moment, I absolutely FEEL different and I know my tum is less bloated.

I actually feel ALIVE for the first time in years!

I'm alert, have more energy and just feel like I'm functioning on a different level.

It could be down to a combination of things...

My increased 'healthy eating' since Christmas...

I was being pretty disciplined all of last year but I ramped it up a notch mid January to do a 2-week reset courtesy of Emma Bardwell.

I actually really loved it, tasty (and easy) recipes as well as nutritional info and guidance.

It was primarily vegetarian with mega high protein.

Given I've been about 90% vegan for the last year or so, this was an easy switch for me to make.

I kept up a similar meal plan for a further 2 weeks.

My iron levels are being topped up since the last endo episode...

Since my last mega-bleed (as they'll now be known), my iron was utterly depleted. No wonder I've been so exhausted!

So on top of menopause fatigue, underactive thyroid fatigue and pernicious anaemia fatigue (b12 deficiency), I had developed actual iron related anaemia - no wonder I could hardly lift my head off the pillow!

My doc has had me on a course of iron meds which seem to be taking effect as I at least no longer look like a ghost!

Yet despite of those things, my body didn't physically respond until this week.

In fact, I gained weight again and was actually BIGGER than these 'before' pics lead you to believe.

Increased bloating, ever expanding middle, swollen calves (this is an instant sign for me that I've eaten the wrong thing).

Frustrated wasn't the word!

Calorie deficit, increased movement, higher protein and fibre but absolutely zero positive changes.

So whilst it felt like I was being 'healthy', clearly something wasn't working for me.

Today is a different story!

The bloat has pretty much gone, what you see here is resistant visceral fat and lack of muscle tone.

I just realised I added the pics the wrong way around 😂

So 'before' is on the right, today is on the left.

There's a definite improvement in my mushy booty and my thighs have really slimmed.

I just feel 'human' again, better energy levels, sleeping better and way less groggy in the morning.

So what's happened???

This week I embarked on a new regime and I'm pretty convinced it's this that has made the difference.

I've gone ultra low carb and zero sugar!

Yep, me with the sweetest tooth imaginable!

Yet I've managed to almost completely curb those sweet cravings!

Initially, I was looking to try the carnivore diet. I've seen so many people online having incredible results. Plus a friend of mine totally swears by this method now and she was severely struggling with perimenopause depression, mood swings, fatigue and weight gain.

She says she now feels better than ever!

Whilst I'm not 100% carnivore (I still have a cheeky onion now and again) I am eating predominantly animal based products - beef, pork, chicken, eggs and cheese.

And it seems to be paying off!

I mean, perhaps it's a delayed reaction to all my other health changes but it seems hugely coincidental I've only noticed improvement since ditching the carbs - and pretty rapid changes at that!

I'll continue with this plan and check back in a month with further progress reports!

I'm also drinking electrolytes daily and bloody loving them! Why has it taken me so long to discover them?!?

One flavour actually tastes like a margarita!

If you want to try them for yourself, the brand is LMNT and my fave flavour is Watermelon. Grab a wee discount HERE.

And am I embarrassed to share these pics with you?


I am a work in progress and I want you to see the entire process rather than me hide away and just suddenly appear as if I'd had a skinny transplant or something 😂

It's important for me to show you gradual progress - this sh*t is HARD at this time of life and it's definitely not an overnight fix.

But as I get closer to my 'best me' I need to know you guys have seen it first hand. It's not just smoke and mirrors.

It's REAL transformation!

Oh I've also taken a new set of progress pics, wearing only my @curvykate undies as I think this will make the changes even easier to spot 😉

If you're struggling with confidence in midlife or need some motivation to get moving or eating better, book your free Clarity Call via the website and let's see if I can help you.

Do remember though, what works for me might not necessarily work for you and I always encourage you to speak with your health professional before making any changes to nutrition or fitness.

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