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Let me tell you something about menopause...

It's the perfect opportunity to stop giving any f*cks about what others think!

Yes, I COMPLETELY appreciate it can be a horrendous journey for some (and a breeze for others) but once you've gained clarity and renewed self connection - you can reclaim your life and literally be reborn!

The Chinese call it 'second spring' and now I truly see why.

It's an awakening, a chance to grow - a time to express yourself.

A profound level of confidence!

An innate wisdom.

And a surety of self.

We live on average ONE THIRD of our lives in menopause!

Are you going to let it spoil your fun in your most powerful years?

I'm absolutely not denigrating the struggles we face... The lack of gp knowledge, the hrt shortages, the feeling of going it alone - I've experienced every bit of that.

But I need you to know it DOES get better.

Fabulous people are working very hard to raise awareness and improve all of those things above but it's not going to be a fast process.

So in the meantime - what will YOU do?

I urge you to push through the pain, get yourself more knowledgeable, find alternative support - even find a new gp if you need to.

Take ownership and do everything you can to get through this, because what's on the other side is absolutely liberating - LIFE CHANGING!

Oh BTW, I took these pics on a beach at 7pm, full of dog walkers - did I give a f*ck about the weird looks...


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