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Seeing is believing!

I had another session with my trainer this afternoon

For the first time, we did 2 full circuits of the full routine.

And it felt great!

There were some exercises I felt I could have done more of, and others that really pushed me to my limit.

It reaffirmed to me the areas that I'm weakest in and therefore have to improve on the most.

And as I climb into bed tonight, I noticed something.

Just DOING exercise makes you look at your body differently.

I know in just 2 sessions with Ania there hasn't actually been much difference to my body but I swear I 'see' firmer skin and more definition.

Whether it's there or not, I'm using it as my motivation to keep going

I'm visualising the body I want to have.

The body I WILL have!

I'm being realistic too though and in fact, all I want to achieve is the best version of me that I can in the time frame.

What I'm also aiming for is, after a full year of consistent fitness (something I've NEVER achieved before), that I'll be forever changed.

Movement and fitness will simply be a way of life. Part of my routine. Without batting an eyelid.

THIS will be one of the biggest achievements of my life.

Even at my slimmest and fittest, I was never consistent. I was lucky that I didn't really need to watch my diet or workout to stay slim.

And even though I really enjoy fitness once I get going, it was always something I couldn't really be bothered to commit to.

But life is definitely different now.

And if ever there's a reason to improve my fitness level, menopause has to be it.

This has to be my turning point.

And I believe it is.

I've already succeeded in building my own business, so that I can work around my menopause symptoms.

I've already succeeded in changing my view on nutrition, so that I can fuel my body's deficiencies in healthy ways.

I've already succeeded in shifting my mindset to a place I thought didn't really exist. A place of contentment, of positivity and of the here and now.

So all that remains is to get my physical body into a better state.

Two years ago, I didn't want to wake up ever again.

Today - I want to live forever!

Forever may still be realistically out of reach but I'm absolutely determined to do all I can to honour, love and support my body and mind to be living life to the fullest for as long as has been made available to me.

Menopause is truly life changing but not in the way you immediately might think.

It's profound.

It's empowering.

It really is a new beginning!

If you're still struggling with menopause, thinking it's the end of the essence of you - I urge you to come chat with me.

Life is definitely not over.

I'd love for you to join me 'on the other side' and see this time of life for the truly powerful time that it CAN be.

Love Debs x

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